The Future

The Oval Board has a set of engineered plans along with all the studies needed to obtain the building permits required to complete the Oval Project as it was initially designed.

The original concept includes an outdoor, temperature-controlled 400-metre speed skating track that will provide a world-class ice surface from mid-November to March each season, and a concrete track suitable for in-line skating during the spring, summer, and fall. Plans for the adjacent Community Building include a banquet hall overlooking the track, training facilities, administration offices, changing rooms, and storage space for the ice-making equipment.

Based on the concept of building a facility that would be owned and operated by a not-for-profit community corporation, the Oval’s Business Plan established that it is possible to build a facility that does not require ongoing government support from any level of government to operate. In an era when taxpayers are already hard-pressed to pay for essential services, the Oval was designed to provide this unique public recreation facility without requiring any tax dollars to underwrite its ongoing operational expenses.

The Oval Board submitted several well researched, professionally prepared applications for support from the federal and provincial governments for the capital dollars needed to build the Oval. These applications required strong advocates to be successful – political representatives who believed in, understood and publicly supported the Oval Project. This one of a kind facility requires strong and committed local advocates to overcome the inevitable objections from bureaucrats who are more accustomed to funding municipally owned recreation facilities.

To date, the Oval’s funding applications that allowed for the completion of the Oval Project have not been successful. The Oval Board remains hopeful that the strength of the original Oval concept and the ever-increasing amount of community use of the existing facility will result in a more practical level of political support in the future.

In the meantime, the Oval Board continues to operate this unique community recreation facility without a financial contribution from any level of government. With the financial support of a great group of local sponsors and the Oval’s dedicated volunteers, the Oval will continue to provide the community with the opportunity to enjoy outdoor skating during the winter months.