Update Feb 24, 2024: Oval is Closed for the season

Ice Making Begins for 2021 Season

UPDATE: Today we started the first day of preparing the Oval for skating for the winter 2021 season. The colder weather this past week frosted the ground sufficiently to allow us to pack the snow that fell last night.
HOW: The first packing is done by driving around the track. As we pack the snow, we also remove the rocks and bushes that have grown over the summer.
All wet spots have to freeze solid before we start flooding; otherwise, the water we apply will flow through the track base instead of freezing and create ruts, which will be a source of unevenness for the entire season.
NEXT: We need some colder nights and, ideally, some more snow to pack on top of today's base layer before we can begin flooding.
Stay tuned for updates. Stay well.

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